Join us as a Pro Instructor

What Is the UK Hoopers Pro Instructor Network?

The UK Hoopers Pro Instructor Network brings together hoopers instructors throughout the country to offer a support, training, resources, networking and a fantastic platform to showcase your business.

Why does it exist? ?

We understand that a great trainer is worth their weight in gold! Not only do they give clients the skills and knowledge to succeed but also the confidence and the opportunities to make it happen! UK Hoopers has the only national Pro Instructors Network to put you in front of prospective clients and to provide a recognisable, reassurance to the public that they are choosing wisely when they choose a member of the UK Hoopers Pro Instructors Network. 

Are you eligible to join?

Instructors are asked to sign a declaration before they can be considered as a member of the Pro Instructors Network.
This declaration is straightforward but reassures potential clients that you meet a range of criteria as an instructor and that they can be safe in the knowledge they are contacting a reputable business & highly skilled instructor for training. This declaration asks you to confirm things like you are knowledgeable in your field, operate safely, are dedicated to providing only force free training, use or promote no averse methods whatsoever, and are committed to the fun and engagement of your clients and their dogs valuing their well-being above business profits.  If this sounds like you then you’re just the sort of kind, ethical and knowledgeable trainer to qualify for the Pro Instructor Network and we’d love to have you on board!

What training do you need as an instructor?

You don’t have to have attended a particular training course to become a member of the UK Hoopers Professional Instructor Network, however you must be able to confirm that you are suitably trained, experienced, knowledgeable and ethical. The safety and enjoyment of your clients is paramount to us and we believe that Pro Instructors who are dedicated to providing a thorough and professional service are more valuable to their clients than a piece of paper on their wall. 

UK Hoopers Pro Instructor Training Courses

If you’d like to increase your learning as an instructor, either to add canine hoopers to your existing offering or as a standalone activity a UK Hoopers Pro Instructor Course may be just what you need! Completing a course with UK Hoopers will automatically entitle you to Gold Membership within the UK Hoopers Pro Instructor Network. 

More information including available courses can be found HERE

Pro Instructor Network Membership Levels

Membership is split into 3 levels. All eligible instructors become members upon acceptance and are welcome to use the members badge within their marketing. Those instructors who demonstrate commitment to their continued learning and development for the benefit of their clients can become GOLD and eventually PLATINUM members. This helps to show clients that you are committed to their continued learning via your own development. 

Perks of joining UK Hoopers Pro Instructor Network

Not only do we give you a national platform to showcase your business, we give your clients the peace of mind that they are choosing a great trainer. To add to this, you get to use the UK Hoopers Pro Instructor badge, you have a support network of other fantastic instructors available 24/7, access to instructor resources, priority booking for training events and access to instructor only events as well as access to a personal coach and more.