A great trainer is worth their weight in gold! Not only do they give you the skills and knowledge to succeed but also the confidence and the opportunities to make it happen! UK Hoopers has the only national database of instructors to help you find the right instructor for you.

There are several different instructor schemes in place in the UK and different instructors specialise in different aspects. Some focus on competitive elements, others introducing pet dogs to sport for the first time. Some will also be trained behaviourists or offer life skills classes or other great activities. Each Instructors bio will tell you a bit more about them and what they offer.

That’s entirely down to you and what you’re looking for, we recommend having a chat with an instructor to explain what you’d like to do, now and in the future and talk a little about your dog. Most instructors welcome dogs who haven’t necessarily had the best start and handlers who’ve never done any dog sports before so don’t let that put you off. 

Whilst choosing a trainer is a personal thing, you can be assured that all of the instructors listed at UK Hoopers have signed a commitment to offering this fantastic sport in a safe, fun and ethical manner and that all of their training is derived from modern, force free, reward based principles.

The answer is quite probably YES!
Hoopers is great for dogs and handlers young and old, sporty builds and not so much. Long legs, short legs, it’s great fun for everyone! If your dog is fit and well and can run around the park off lead then chances are hoopers would be a great sport for you both. There are dogs enjoying the sport after recovering from all sorts of illness and injuries too so if your dogs has any medical history just speak with your vet and in most cases they are very pleased to recommend a low impact activity like hoopers.
So what are you waiting for? Click FIND AN INSTRUCTOR and get started today.

Listed Instructors have signed a declaration to confirm over 30 key points about their business and their training. This means that you can be assured that you are contacting a legitimate trainer who is ethical, employs positive, reward based training and has yours and your dogs wellbeing and enjoyment at heart. Listed Instructors are also appropriately insured, use safe and correct equipment and are not only skilled and knowledgeable instructors but also commit themselves to continued professional learning to offer you the very best service. We want everyone to be able to enjoy hoopers safely and with expert and kind tuition and we don’t accept anything less.

Find an Instructor

Great, the hoopers community is proud to have hard working and dedicated instructors like you ! Any hoopers instructor can apply for listing here on the UK Hoopers website to put yourself in front of countless potential clients.

We promote the continuous professional development of instructors and most trainers themselves relish the opportunity to learn new skills, techniques and insights to pass on to their clients. If you would like to attend an instructors course then please get in touch and we’d be happy to put you in touch with organisations offering courses.
You aren’t required to attend any particular courses to be a listed instructor on the UK Hoopers website. Those who do hold a hoopers instructors certificate can add that to their instructor profile for new clients to see.

Instructors are asked to sign a declaration before they are featured on the UK Hoopers website.
This declaration is straightforward but reassures potential clients that you meet a range of basic criteria as an instructor and that they can be safe in the knowledge they are contacting a reputable business for training. This declaration asks you to confirm things like you are knowledgeable in your field, operate safely, are dedicated to providing only force free training, use or promote no aversive methods whatsoever, and are committed to the fun and engagement of your clients and their dogs valuing their wellbeing above business profits.

That part is easy! Just sign up, create your instructor profile and that’s it! You will then be advertised to countless potential customers. You will be asked to sign a declaration to confirm that you have the relevant competency and insurance to operate etc then you will be guided through setting up your instructor profle and be able to add your logo etc ready for the public to see and book with you.

Putting yourself in front of thousands of potential customers might sound expensive but it really isn’t!
UK Hoopers is the only free to use list of instructors from any training program, meaning it can be the biggest and most comprehensive list of hoopers instructors in the UK. That alone will make it the go to place for anyone looking to either start out or advance their hoopers journey with a skilled and versatile instructor, that instructor could be YOU! Put yourself in front of potential new clients for just £12 for a year. Yes! Less than the cost of a cup of coffee per month to put your business on the map….literally! So what are you waiting for, it’s a small investment with a lot to shout about!

As well as being featured on the all inclusive instructor list, you will be able to use the listed instructor badge on your website, social media and print advertising. There is more in the pipeline too with training calendars, freebies, special offers and promotions plus more exciting projects, make sure you don’t miss out!