Event DateLocationLink to Results
30th July to 1st August 2021Croxton Kerrial
11th - 13th June 2021Croxton Kerrial
May 2021Croxton KerrialWaiting to be re-uploaded after web server crash
10th April 2021Huntingdon
11th April 2021Huntingdon
16th - 18th April 2021Croxton Kerrial
2nd May 2021Huntingdon
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2nd Feb 2020Oxford
26th May (Test Event)Croxton Kerrial
21st June 2020Croxton Kerrial
18th & 19th July 2020Croxton Kerrial
1st & 2nd August 2020Croxton Kerrial
HooperFest 2020Croxton Kerrial
20th September 2020Yorkshire Hoopers Club
9th - 11th October`Croxton Kerrial