2020-2021 Leagues are now OPEN!
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Our online leagues have been created for you to compete against other dog and handlers teams of a similar type from all around the country. At shows, a Poodle might compete against a Collie for example, but in the online leagues we have separate classifications for different types of dogs so you compete only against similar partnerships.

Yes! The 2020-2021 season has 31 different leagues to choose from. Some are breed specific such as Spaniels & Poodles, some are for working dogs or non working dogs, others are for tiny or large dogs and even senior and junior handlers so there’s something for everyone. After the success of the 2019-2020 leagues we’ve added a few new categories too. You can see the full eligibility rules at the bottom of this page.

You can enter up to 5 leagues per year per dog.
Note: Make sure you choose your leagues carefully during sign up as these can’t be changed or added to later in the year.

There are no membership or registration fees to pay, you simply pay per league that you enter. Each league is just £3 for the entire league season. That’s it!

We are currently competing in the 2020-2021 league which runs from 1st April 2020 to 31st May 2021. This means that all results can be entered from 1st April 2020. Check the back of your rosettes for show info or your old Facebook posts/photos if you shared your results with friends. Many shows also put their results sheets online after the event too.

Pretty much all of them! ANY result can be counted from ANY show that was available for all to enter, for classes which were run as an individual. Include: ALL clear rounds, ALL placings (where a rosette or award was presented, whether with faults or clear). Don’t include: Unplaced rounds (if they were clear include as a clear round), online shows, private events or invitational finals. Results count from shows held anywhere in the UK and run under any rule book including UK Hoopers, Hooperholics, Canine Hoopers UK, or any other UK based group. The only exception is that whichever rule book, must not include any type of equipment commonly found in agility, such as upright contacts, weaves or jumps.

Unfortunately online contests cannot be included, it isn’t possible to guarantee the integrity of the results from this type of competition. private competitions are also not included, results must be from any show which was widely open to entry.
Regular shows with capped entries are accepted.

You can see a list of your dogs results by clicking their name from within a league table. At present it isn’t possible for you to amend entries so please make sure that you enter them in full and accurately.

Apart from the kudos of winning the National Leagues?? Well, there’s some fantastic prizes up for grabs, as well as some truly regal rosettes and triumphant trophies. PLUS-the top dogs in each league will be invited to the National League Finals for a weekend of hooping fun and presentations.

Once you’re entered in the leagues all you need to do is login, select ADD RESULTS from the main menu an hey presto!

Just click the button below! There are 3 steps to the registration and will take less than 2 minutes in total. SIGN UP AND ENTRY MUST BE COMPLETED IN A SINGLE SUBMISSION. This includes payment, It isn’t possible to part sign up and come back later.. Each league costs £3 to enter, maximum of 5 per dog and payment can be made online using a credit or debit card. Once you are entered you can come back and add your points at any time. If you are entering more than one dog please do them one at a time (including payment) this will ensure that all of your dogs are assigned to you as a handler and you will only need 1 log in to add your results.