Event Calendar FAQ’s for Event Organisers

We’ve created the first truly national event calendar for all hoopers shows and competitions throughout the British Isles. Regardless of who is organising the event, where it is held or which rule book it’s run under, UK Hoopers provides a one-stop-shop for any hoopers competitor looking to enter shows anywhere in the UK. There is no other online calendar which welcomes shows of any type so make sure your show is included in the go to resource for competitors.

Any competition or show is welcome in the event calendar as well as special events such as Have a Go and main arena displays.

It’s really simple! Just sign up for an event organiser login and add your event online. Once you have your account set up, log in and add your event(s). You can add more dates, edit, amend or even cancel your shows if you need to, all from your personal account area.

Absolutely nothing! Zilch! Zip! Zero! Gratis!
It’s 100% FREE OF CHARGE to share events with the hoopers world. You will need an event organiser account, but that’s free too!

You can add a label to your show to let competitors know which rule book it is run under. This then displays your event in a pre-defined colour. Users can also search for events of a certain type too.

Nope! All hoopers shows, displays and demos are welcome. This is purely an event calendar though and we ask that no training classes, workshops or other business/sports be advertised. Anyone flaunting this will be prevented from posting in future.

All events have to be approved by admin. This can take up to 48 hours but is usually much quicker. Please do not resubmit your event within this time.

There’s a few things you can do to make your event stand out. 

  • Put the basic location in the title, either the first part of the postcode, county or nearest town. Go for big places people have heard of, even if it’s a little way down the road. 
  • Put plenty of USEFUL info the description – place, dates, times, indoor/outdoor, catering, camping etc. 
  • Avoid trivial details, especially rules. Save these for the schedule
  • If the schedule is out, attach it as a JPEG or include a link to it. 
  • If the schedule isn’t out yet, mention this. It will save people asking or thinking they’ve missed it already. 
  • Mention anything awesome, different or big happening.
  • Avoid anything confusing or complicated and check for spelling and grammar.
  • Add a picture – if you’ve already created a facebook event the cover image works well for continuity.

Of course! You can share either the UK Hoopers web address, a link to the Event Calendar or the specific link to your listing.

Yes! Your schedule can be added as a JPEG (image file). You can add a main image to your event listing as well as further images within the listing information where you can write text or copy and paste key parts of your schedule (EG location, important show information etc – tip: keep it short and to the point). You can also add a  direct link to your schedule elsewhere and/or to your online entry system

It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of all information which you post to the UK Hoopers website. The good news is that the Event Calendar is totally self service, so if you made a mistake or there’s a change to the details, you can simply log on and amend your own listings.

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