HooperFest 2022
9th – 18th September

HooperFest 2020 was a sell out event and the biggest hoopers event the UK had ever seen! Over 2000 competitive runs, hundreds of prizes & a 10 day celebration of hoopers, amazing dogs and good friends – both old and new.
Alongside some incredible competition action we had music, plenty of food and even some magic and mystery, all done under the CovidSecure protocols of summer 2020

2021 came along and the memories of just how great HF’20 was were still strong, HooperFest ’21 sold out in under a day and we had an absolute ball! We spent 10 days in fantastic company surrounded by gorgeous countryside and enjoyed 7 days of competition, 2 days of training opportunities and new for 2021 – No Washing Up Day! Featuring the HooperFest Olympics, a gorgeous BBQ and takeaway supper to fabulous live music. 


HooperFest really is THE hoopers event of the year and the best hoopers holiday you will find, so get the date in your diary and we hope to see you in 2022! 

HooperFest 2022 Reservations OPEN NOW!

Reservations are open for 10 day camping tickets only. 10 day non residential tickets will be available in 2022 as well as regular show entries for those wishing to join us for some (or all) of the competition. 



Sell out 10 day event held under the COVID rules of Summer ’20. Over 2000 competitive runs. 4 nights of outdoor evening entertainment inc music and magic plus more! The first HooperFest Bear was presented in 2020. 


Sell out 10 day event, more camping, more rings, over 2700 competitive runs, 6 evenings of entertainment including a packed clubhouse, the HooperFest Olympics and no washing up day!The first Golden Goose was presented in 2021.


Plans to be the biggest and best HooperFest yet! With even more camping made available, amazing entertainment and some fresh new features, HooperFest 2021 is going to take some beating, but 2022 is ready to take on the challenge! 

· 3 Ways to Attend HooperFest ·

10 Day Ticket

This gives you access to everything HooperFest has to offer! 10 nights camping, all social activities, evening entertainment, access to training and no washing up day! 

10 Day Non Residential

All the same great value of the 10 day ticket with the exception of camping. Perfect for those who want all the fun of HooperFest but the luxury of a local B&B or hotel. 

Competition Only

No ticket is needed for this one, you may enter the competition days just like a regular show. No access to evening entertainment, social activities, training or any extras and camping isn’t available.